Employees who are provided with living accomodation

I run a small public house, and recently obtained a late opening licence. Due to the increasing number of hours we will be open I have offered a managers job to an employee. Part of the package offerred includes occupation of a flat above the pub. Are there any tax implications I need to consider for this as I am not going to be charging the manager any rent?

1st March 2009

If you allow an employee to live in accommodation supplied by you, they are liable to a benefit in kind on the annual value of that property. However, they are exempt from this charge if the accommodation is provided for the better performance or proper performance of the job, or is provided for security reasons. Usually in the public house industry the accommodation is supplied for security purposes and assuming the contract of employment specifies this, it will be job related accommodation and exempt from a benefit in kind.

However, if you are also paying the bills for the gas, water, electricity and other ancillary services such as redecorating, on behalf of the manager, he will be assessed on a benefit in kind. This amount chargeable is equal to the lower of: the total of all bills paid or 10% of managers earnings in the tax year. Also, if you provide the flat furnished, then there is an additional benefit based on 20% of the market value of the furniture at the beginning of the tax year that the accommodation is first provided.

By Jo Nockels

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