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Smiling businessman stood by a glass door while holding a tablet computer

A guide to company secretarial duties and responsibilities

The company structure offers businesses the benefit of limited liability protection with the company being a separate legal entity to the individuals who own and run it.

First published 19 Apr 2024

Bearded baker leaning on a counter

Cash flow management tips for businesses

First published 18 Apr 2024

Happy woman shopkeeper looking up while holding a mobile phone

The benefits of having your tax return filed early

First published 26 Mar 2020
Last updated 17 Apr 2024

Notepad saying tax 2024 with a calculator and cup of coffee on the same desk

How to reduce the impact of the April tax increases

First published 24 Feb 2023
Last updated 17 Apr 2024

A smiling tailor behind his work desk

Reasons to file your tax return early

First published 1 May 2016
Last updated 17 Apr 2024

A smiling couple receiving house keys from a bearded landlord

Tax and regulation changes all landlords need to know

First published 10 Apr 2024
Last updated 11 Apr 2024

A desk with a paper tax return and a cup of tea

A sole trader’s guide to filing your first self-assessment tax return

First published 20 Oct 2022
Last updated 17 Apr 2024

A male director reading papers

Understanding an overdrawn director’s loan account

First published 27 Mar 2024
Last updated 5 Apr 2024

A couple sat down discussing a piece of paper in front of a laptop on a kitchen table

What has changed for the new tax year?

First published 25 Mar 2024

Three work colleagues around a desk smiling

Essential updates for employers: Spring 2024

First published 22 Mar 2024
Last updated 28 Mar 2024

Man in front of a laptop with his finger on his forehead thinking

How bookkeeping works for a sole trader

First published 14 Jul 2021
Last updated 22 Mar 2024

Man in a shirt looking at a laptop in his office.

How to set up your own limited company

First published 15 Apr 2021
Last updated 20 Mar 2024

A senior couple discussing a building floorplan

Tips for managing multiple rental properties

First published 14 Mar 2024
Last updated 20 Mar 2024

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