Late paid PAYE

I have paid April’s PAYE and National Insurance late. What can I expect?

1st June 2014

You will not be charged a penalty if only one PAYE amount is late in a tax year - unless that payment is over 6 months late.

Thereafter, the amount of the penalty will depend on how much is late and how many times your payments are late in a tax year. The table below shows how the penalties are calculated:

Number of defaults in a tax year

Penalty percentage

Amount to which penalty percentages apply



The total amount that is late in the relevant tax month (ignoring the first late payment in the tax year)





10 or more



HMRC will only send one warning letter; the first time in the tax year they think your PAYE payment is late. Although you may receive an online generic notification notice every time they think you are making payments late. These letters are issued about two weeks after the payment due dates.

In-year interest will also apply on all amounts unpaid from the relevant due date to the date of payment.

If you agree that you have made a late payment, you should make sure you pay on time and in full in future. Late payment penalties are charged on an escalating scale, so making payments in full and on time will reduce the amount of any potential penalty.

If you experiencing difficulties in keeping on top of your responsibilities as an employer, please feel free to contact your local TaxAssist Accountant who would be happy to manage the payroll on your behalf.

By Jo Nockels

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