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When is my P11D due?

I provide some of my sales reps with company cars and I know I have to file forms with HMRC. Can you remind me what the deadlines are please? 

At the end of the tax year you’ll need to submit an end-of-year form to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for each employee you’ve provided with expenses or benefits. The form will either be a P9D or a P11D, depending on the expense or benefit.

You may need to submit form P11D(b) to report the amount of Class 1A National Insurance due on all the expenses and benefits you’ve provided. You should do this if:

  • you’ve submitted any P11D forms
  • you’ve been sent a P11D(b) form by HMRC

If you don’t submit any P11D forms but you've been sent a P11D(b) by HMRC to complete, you can tell HMRC that you don’t owe Class 1A National Insurance by completing a declaration.

The deadlines are as follows:

What you need to do Deadline
Submit your end-of-year forms (P9D and P11D) online to HMRC 6th July 
Give your employees a copy of the information on your forms 6th July
Tell HMRC the total amount of Class 1A National Insurance you owe on form P11D(b) 6th July
Pay any Class 1A National Insurance owed on expenses or benefits Must reach HMRC by 22nd July (19th July if you pay by cheque)

Your local TaxAssist Accountant would be happy to help you prepare you expenses and benefits forms. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the services we can provide. 

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