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Growth Vouchers - what is business advice?

I have just started running my own business and I have been reading about these Growth Vouchers. I think my business meets all of the criteria- apart from I’m not sure what qualifies as "business advice". I used an accountant to prepare my accounts and tax return last year- does that mean I am not eligible?

At the end of January, the government launched a £30 million research programme to test the value to small businesses of accessing professional advice. The subsidised business support was delivered in the form of ‘Growth Vouchers’, enabling businesses to receive a 50% subsidy towards the cost of obtaining advice on 5 key topics that help businesses to grow.

As you quite-rightly stated, one of the criteria for the business is that they must not have had “business advice” in the last 3 years. 

The Marketplace who is responsible for administering the Programme, also refer to “business advice” as “strategic advice”. If you have received day-to-day advice from an accountant, bookkeeper or solicitor on completing your annual business accounts, or understanding the legal/ regulatory requirements of running your business, you should still be eligible for the Programme.  

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