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UK experiencing the rise of the lifestyle worker

A new survey suggests that more than half of businesses claim they are already reaping the benefits of flexible mobile working.

The report from WorkMobile found that 58 per cent of companies stated that, as opposed to office working, flexible working has visibly improved productivity within their workforce. A further 39 per cent even admitted it had contributed to business savings.

Flexible working for staff was regarded as the most popular reason for businesses choosing to adopt mobile working technology; but the report also showed that mobile working can lead to people working longer hours due to the improved accessibility and connectivity to their work, with almost two-thirds (63 per cent) stating this.

Dr Moneeb Awan, managing director, WorkMobile, believes businesses must show their staff the benefits of a flexible working structure, including ways to switch off and unwind at the right time.

“From office workers who want the flexibility of working mobile, to businesses that want to drive productivity from their logistics personnel or monitor all types of labourers on construction sites, mobile working is affecting pretty much everybody in the world of work,” said Awan.

“The findings of our report show that it’s becoming a more attractive prospect for both employees and businesses, with both sides notably feeling the benefits from this flexible way of working.

“Giving staff the freedom to work from home or out on site means they can schedule their job around other commitments and support a healthy work-life balance.

“However, with many feeling that mobile working is causing them to unwillingly work extra hours, it’s vital that businesses are fully supporting staff and teaching them how to use their mobile devices effectively so that they know when to switch off.”

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