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Small business owners find it difficult to switch off on holiday

With the school summer holidays in full swing, a new report from employment law consultants, Peninsula suggests many small business owners and managers find it hard to fully switch off from their work-related duties whilst on holiday.

More than three-quarters of owner-managers admitted to responding to work emails whilst on the beach. Meanwhile two-thirds (66 per cent) of respondents also admitted to telephoning someone at their headquarters at least once a day on holiday.

Alan Price, HR director, Peninsula, said: “Clearly it’s very difficult for bosses to switch off from work while on holiday.

“However, it’s essential for them to recharge their batteries and it’s a perfect opportunity to allow other members of staff to prove themselves while you are away.

“People go on holiday for a reason – to recharge their batteries – so calling into the office or responding to work emails is not a good use of your time.”

However, Price believes a holiday doesn’t mean all thoughts of business have to be abandoned entirely.

“Being on holiday can provide a good opportunity to take stock of how your year is going,” added Price.

“Especially as you’ll have a fresh perspective on projects because you are away from the office.”

Price also said senior staff within the business being away on holiday allows other team members the chance to impress providing they are properly briefed and their responsibilities are entirely outlined.

“The last thing they need is someone challenging their decisions; they should be afforded trust and be left to their own devices to manage while you’re away,” said Price.

“Taking some quality time to go on holiday provides us with much needed rest, recharges our mind, allows other team members to prove themselves, so switch off and enjoy your holiday.”

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