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Red tape to be cut under new govt measures

The government has reiterated its commitment to cutting red tape, with the latest spotlight shone on the appeals process.

Businesses will be able to take part in a review on the effectiveness of the way appeals are handled and how the system can be improved further in the future.

Furthermore, ministers believe that by amending the current set up and looking to improve it, businesses will be able to work better in the years to come.

Indeed, Business Minister Michael Fallon said the government has "started a bonfire of excessive red tape" and will continue to keep it burning in the future.

"There is room for far more effective enforcement which reduces the burden on business which stick to the rules," he noted.

"Despite best efforts, sometimes things can go wrong - that has become clear from previous Focus on Enforcement Reviews. So I want to hear views on how we can improve the way appeals currently work."

It comes after the Confederation of British Industry urged the government to look at how to cut the red tape currently hindering small business growth.

Posted by Thomas Fletcher

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