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Business owners consider summer shutdown

Almost two-thirds (60 per cent) of small business owners across the UK would consider an annual summer shutdown of their business, according to new research from ava.

There is a feeling that by closing the doors to their business in traditionally quiet periods, firms would remain more productive and cost efficient overall.

Business owners aged 55-64 are most behind the introduction of annual industrial shutdowns in the summer, making up 66 per cent of the ‘yes’ vote. Small firms in England are most in favour of such a move out of all the UK nations with 59 per cent interested. However, firms in Northern Ireland are most against the idea with 68 per cent happy to keep things as they are.

The survey found that women are considerably more likely to opt for the summer shutdown than their male counterparts. 63 per cent of female business owners backed the idea, while only 56 per cent of male entrepreneurs showed interest in the move.

Lucie Greenwood, sales manager, ava, believes that business owners should consider taking the time to review their business performance in the quieter summer months when trading is slow, as it will enable them to be more successful in the busier periods.

“Regardless of a company’s size or profit margins, a decrease in performance and income can be a very stressful time,” said Greenwood.

“However, it’s these periods in which you have the most time on your hands to take a step back and really look at how you work as a business.

“When you’re flat out and the money is pouring in, it’s very easy to assume everything is fine, when in fact there may be many aspects of your operations that can be improved.”

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