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Tax Returns - Don't Delay!

Great reasons to file your tax return today.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have written to taxpayers to remind them that they need to file their self assessment tax return on time.

But despite HMRC’s best endeavours, taxpayers often put off preparing their tax return until after the Christmas period. However, this really doesn’t leave very long to get this completed before the January deadline and it’s easy to get distracted by the celebrations and parties.

In this article, we highlight the eight main advantages of filing tax returns early in order to avoid penalties, cashflow issues and the opportunity to gain any possible tax refunds sooner.

1. Tax payments are not accelerated

If you file your tax return early with HMRC, you are only obliged to pay any tax liability by the normal due dates - 31 July (second payments on account) or 31 January (balance and the first payment on account).

2. Get tax refunds sooner

If you file your tax return before the filing deadline, you should receive any tax refund you are due fairly soon after you've submitted it; HMRC do not wait until 31 January to pay you.

Therefore, if you suspect you have overpaid tax and are due a refund, you should really prepare your tax return as soon as possible so that you can gain the income sooner and begin earning interest on it otherwise HMRC will be earning this interest instead!

3. Cash flow management

Filing your tax return and calculating any tax liability arising, allows you the time to start saving for the tax bill and to manage your cash flow. If you pay your tax bill late, HMRC will charge you interest and possibly even late payment penalties.

4. Time for tax planning

If your affairs have changed this year and you have losses or a significant amount of additional income, then preparing your return early can pay dividends because it gives you the time to consider any tax planning opportunities which could lead to you saving tax.

5. Reduction in mistakes

Having plenty of time to prepare your return reduces the risk of errors being made, because you aren’t rushing to get it finished and stressed about completing this before the tax return deadline arrives.

6. Subsequent amendments

If you make a mistake on your tax return you've normally got 12 months from 31 January after the end of the tax year to correct it. For example, for the 2014-15 return you have until 31 January 2017 to make an amendment.

So the earlier you submit your return, the longer the window of opportunity is to make any amendments to it.

7. Easier to contact HMRC

Trying to get hold of HMRC can be difficult, but it’s even more difficult around the tax return deadline. So you should really avoid leaving your tax affairs until January,  just in case you need to speak with the department and cannot get through.

If you are due a tax refund, you’re also likely to experience a longer turnaround time if you file your return during their peak times.

8. Avoid penalties

Late filing penalties are now significantly higher than they used to be. For example, the initial £100 penalty used to be reduced if you paid the tax on time or was capped to your tax liability. But the £100 penalty is now fixed and automatic.

If your tax return is more than three months late, £10 daily penalties start to accumulate up to a maximum of £900 and there are even harsher penalties if your return is more than six or twelve months late.

Ultimately, penalties could be a minimum of £1,600 if your return is more than 12 months late.

How TaxAssist Accountants can help

Using an accountant will take away the stress of filing tax returns and leave you to concentrate on running your business. Not only should penalties and interest be avoided, but accountants may even be able to save or defer you tax. They can also keep you informed of your tax position and abreast of any changes in the tax regime.

We are available right now to help you complete your tax return early so you know how much tax you need to pay and by when.  If you are due a refund then it makes perfect sense to receive this as soon as possible.  We're working with many self employed individuals and business owners who have already filed theirs and we are ready to help you too. 

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