What is a CVA?

My company is experiencing some cashflow problems and a friend suggested I should consider a CVA? What is a CVA?

1st March 2013

When a company is in financial trouble there seems to be a main direction that directors turn to; liquidation. However depending on the circumstances there are a few business rescue alternatives that may suit the situation better.

The CVA (creditors’ voluntary arrangement) option provides a realistic alternative to liquidation for an insolvent company. This process gives directors an option of trading out of a difficult period to help with future profitability.

Below there are 8 key facts that all directors should know about the CVA option:

  • There is no mandatory repayment time frame or repayment amount
  • Following successful completion of the CVA the balance of debt not repaid through the CVA is written off
  • The company remains under the control of the directors
  • HM Revenue & Customs has a very high success rate for CVA acceptances
  • A company needs only 75% of creditors’ to agree for a CVA to be approved
  • The company is allowed to continue trading throughout a CVA
  • To get the creditors’ approval you must show them how a CVA is more beneficial to them then the alternatives
  • There is less focus on directors during a CVA and no investigations are made or submitted to the Insolvency Service

These facts highlight the key features of a CVA in which a director should be aware of when considering all the options available to insolvent and struggling companies.

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By Jo Nockels

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