TaxAssist Accountants launch Business Confidence Survey 2013

22nd November 2013

The UK’s leading accountancy and tax service for small business has unveiled its Business Confidence Survey 2013 in a bid to measure positivity levels in the UK’s small business sector.
With economic recovery now seemingly heading in the right direction, it is hoped the results will help to pinpoint regions that are benefitting most from the steady financial upturn.
Small business owners are invited to fill out the survey to gauge confidence levels ahead of the Autumn Statement that Chancellor, George Osborne is due to present on 5th December 2013.
James Mattam, Business Development Manager of TaxAssist Accountants, said: "It is encouraging to note increasing levels of GDP growth in the UK this year. But it is important to measure the impact it is actually having on the small business sector that is still widely regarded as the engine room of the national economy.
"Our Business Confidence Survey 2013 will hopefully demonstrate the areas of the country that require additional assistance and financial support to drive small business expansion, revenue and profits."
To further support the small business community, TaxAssist Accountants is offering free business clinics after-hours on Thursday 5th December 2013, ahead of the government-led campaign, 'Small Business Saturday', to raise awareness of independent businesses and the role they play in the local community.
The business clinics will provide practical, useful, jargon-free advice to help guide small business owners through any problems they may face.
The results of the Business Confidence Survey 2013 will be unveiled in due course. Complete this simple, anonymous survey today and get your voice heard.

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