HMRC: Record numbers file their tax return on time

1st February 2013

Some 9.61 million people sent their 2011-12 tax return to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on time this year - a record figure, according to the department.

A record number of people (7.93 million) also filed their return online, with just 1.68 million submitting their details in paper format.

And with yesterday's (January 31st) deadline for 2011-12 self assessment tax return submission now gone, HMRC confirmed that 93 per cent of taxpayers got their information in on time. Indeed, 578,00 people left it to the last day to meet the deadline.

However, for the seven per cent who are still to pass on their details, a £100 fine has now been issued with additional penalties to follow if there is further delay.

The department will issue a £10 daily fine if the tax return still has not been submitted after three months, while additional penalties also apply at six months and 12 months.

Posted by Emily Smith

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