HMRC looks into credit files of 20,000 people

4th December 2012

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has looked at the credit files of 20,000 people as part of its tax evasion crackdown.

According to a report by Accountancy Live, the department has enforced a programme that will compare credit reference agency details with actual spending patterns.

Government tax experts will then look at the accounts it believes are of interest as it looks to recover taxes that should have been paid.

An HMRC spokesperson told the news provider: "We will only use CRA data to tackle suspected evasion. The pilot will initially involve around 20,000 people where a risk of tax evasion has been identified."

Last month, HMRC said that it will be introducing taskforces to look into the rag trade in the Midlands, north Wales and the north-west of England, along with the south-east property sector.

Furthermore, it has also launched a third to focus on the Scottish alcohol industry as it looks to find the minority of businesses that evade tax.

Posted by Emily Smith

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