Final call for 2012-13 P35 filing deadline

16th May 2013

All employers that operated a payroll scheme in the 2012-13 tax year are required by law to file a P35 return online prior to the May 19th deadline, which is approaching this weekend.
In order to avoid late filing penalties of P35, P14 and P11D(b) end-of-year forms, we encourage you to complete all applicable returns this week. Any forms submitted beyond the May 19th deadline will incur late penalty fees of £100 per 50 employees for every month a return is outstanding beyond this weekend.
Employers should note that any P35 or P14 returns that are more than four months outstanding will result in an additional penalty notice shortly after September 19th, and again the following January and May, if necessary.
In the event you do not have a requirement to file a 2012-13 P35, P14 or P11D(b) form it is now easier than ever to notify HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) using its ‘No Employer Annual Return to make’ e-mail notification.
Employers who oppose any PAYE penalty notice have the right to appeal against the decision. For further information on appealing an HMRC decision visit HMRC’s guide to appeal section.
Late last month HMRC provided a range of helpful webinars to support employers on the different aspects of tax compliance for business, as it seeks to steer firms through changes to the tax system including Real Time Information (RTI) reporting.

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