Broadband speeds could be quickened through HS2 project, govt says

21st January 2013

A second high-speed railway line in the UK could help deliver improvements to broadband speeds, according to the government.

Small businesses between London and Birmingham could be among the beneficiaries as ministers are proposing that fibre optic cables run alongside the track, if HS2 gets the go-ahead.

This, the government believes, will be a welcome boost to the UK's infrastructure and benefit consumers and businesses in the years to come.

Transport Minister Simon Burns explained that the scheme will help "create jobs and drive growth".

"HS2 is far more than a new railway line - it is a national infrastructure project that will bring places and people closer together while creating jobs and driving growth," he observed.

"Construction of HS2 gives us the perfect opportunity to explore how we can make it easier for even more people to benefit from ultra-fast broadband - and potentially deliver improvements to the provision of other utility services, including water and electricity."

It comes after the Federation of Small Businesses urged Prime Minister David Cameron to stick up for small businesses in a speech to the European Union last week.

Posted by Thomas Fletcher

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