TaxPayers' Alliance adds support to business rate freeze campaign

5th November 2012 | News

The TaxPayers' Alliance has called on the government to freeze business rates and help small firms survive on the high street.

It claims that rates increased by 4.6 per cent in 2011 and 5.6 per cent this year, but the organisation is urging ministers to freeze rates ahead of the 2.6 per cent rise due next April.

Otherwise, the Alliance adds, more shops will become empty and the high street will create fewer jobs in the future.

James Mattam, National Marketing Manager at TaxAssist Accountants, said that independent retailers need "as much support as possible" in the difficult economic climate the country is facing, adding that it is "the minimum the government can do".

"Retailers should pay business rates; however a rise now would hurt so many struggling retailers," he said.

"We may find there are less independent shops around who can pay tax back into the system and this rise will place more strain on those that do survive. We hope George Osborne will be listening to the plight of small business when he announces his Autumn Statement on December 5th this year."

The issue was debated in the Houses of Commons last week.

Posted by Emily Smith