Tax credit renewal date on the horizon

2nd July 2013 | News

The deadline for tax credit renewals is approaching this month. Those who have been sent an Annual Declaration form TC603D or TC603D2 are required to provide the information asked for by July 31 2013, or the date shown in the renewal pack.
The Tax Credit Office asks claimants to 'renew' tax credit claims once a year. This is to ensure the right amount is paid and that they have the right personal information going forward.
Everyone who makes a claim for tax credits during a tax year receives a renewal pack for the following year. This also applies if:

- You claimed tax credits but didn’t receive them because your income was too high

- You only received tax credits for part of the year

It is not possible to provide the Annual Declaration information online. The form must be completed with all relevant information and paperwork together before you contact the Tax Credit Helpline.
For those who haven’t yet received a renewal pack, it is important to contact the Tax Credit Helpline before June 28 2013. The Helpline will send on the relevant renewal form, providing applicants with 30 days in which to return the form.
If there are any changes to personal circumstances, HMRC recommends having the following to hand prior to renewal:

Tax credit renewals require paperwork to demonstrate actual income. You will have to give details of combined income – including your partner’s (if you have one) – in the past year. The following paperwork may be required for both yourself and any partner: