Small firms 'must control IT estate'

26th October 2012 | News

Small businesses are being warned that they must do more to control their IT estate in the future, or else lose control of their technology set-up.

That is according to Ray Blackman, director of consulting and professional services at, who said that smaller organisations and others "do not have a level of insight and control over their IT assets".

And this could mean that any incoming chief information officer will have a number of challenges to address, including how to provide a better service to customers.

"If you try and change any or all of [an IT estate] for whatever reason and you haven't got your pieces of the jigsaw together, you are much more likely to make mistakes, to get it wrong and there is a lot of anecdotal as well as published evidence that that happens," he added.

It comes after the UK fell from sixth to seventh in the World Bank's "business-friendly" rankings, with regulations pinpointed as a reason for this drop.

Posted by Thomas Fletcher