Freelancers more content than employed workers

9th November 2015 | News

Freelancers across the UK are happier in their work than those in full-time employment, according to new research from the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE).

The body representing the self-employed sector found a resounding 86 per cent of the 696 contractors surveyed are very satisfied with the way they work.

A mere two per cent of freelancers surveyed said they would prefer to be in full-time employment.

These findings concur with another recent report from Investors in People, which found that three-fifths (60 per cent) of employees are currently unhappy in their jobs.

Chris Bryce, chief executive, IPSE, said: “Our results dispel the myth that freelancers choose to work this way because they have no other choice or are forced into it.

“The vast majority of the UK’s 1.9 million independent professionals love what they do, and wouldn’t dream of becoming an employee in someone else’s business.”

On Thursday, the IPSE is hosting National Freelancers Day, which is designed to ‘celebrate freelancers’ vital role in the UK’s flexible labour market.

New data from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) also demonstrated that 98 per cent of UK employers will be relying on contractors in some shape or form during the coming months.

Almost two-fifths (38 per cent) of employers also stated their intention to increase their contractor worker numbers before the year end; further cementing the opportunities for talented freelancers across the country.

Kevin Green, chief executive, REC, said: “Employers are consistently telling us about the importance of temporary workers, especially in areas where there are skills shortages.

“People with managerial experience are especially in demand, and this points to the need within many businesses to implement changes in order to boost productivity.

“More generally, we are seeing employers shift their focus away from hiring new staff in order to concentrate on getting the most out of the people they already have.

“This is good news for workers who should see more training opportunities and incentives being offered, potentially including increases in pay.”