Time is running out to file your paper tax return

October 2018

Under Making Tax Digital, the writing may be on the wall for paper tax returns but until that time comes, if you do file by paper you still need to meet the 31st October 2018 deadline for the year ended 5th April 2018.

The number of small businesses and individuals who complete their tax returns by paper has been shrinking, meaning that today more than 80% of taxpayers prefer to file their tax returns online. Not only is it usually easier, it also gives more time to complete a tax return as the deadline for submitting a return digitally is 31st January- 3 months later than the paper deadline. 

While some taxpayers opt to leave their tax returns until the New Year, why not get yours done ahead of the holidays so you can relax over the festive period, without worrying about meeting that 31st January tax return deadline?

Preparing your records in advance for your tax return will give your accountant plenty of time to look at any tax planning opportunities you and your business may be eligible to receive, thereby letting you take full advantage of any tax reliefs and allowances and saving you money.

When your tax return is ready, your tax liability can be calculated. Your income tax liability for your 2018 tax return is due by 31st January 2019, even if you file your tax return early. Therefore, the sooner you prepare your return, the sooner you can start looking at your finances and working out how much you need to put aside to meet your tax bill.

Getting your financial affairs in order well ahead of the deadline also means that you are far less likely to be hit with costly penalties either because the tax return was filed late or there was an error due to it being rushed.

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The current penalties you face if you submit your tax return late are as follows:

Each of these penalties is in addition to one another, meaning a tax return filed 12 months late could be subject to penalties of at least £1,600 – and this could quickly rise, depending on how much tax is due.

You may also face interest and late payment penalties in addition to the penalties mentioned above if you pay your tax late. Tax payments are normally due on 31st January and sometimes the following 31st July, depending on the level of tax liability and what you have deducted at source.

Act now

You should avoid leaving your tax return until the last minute as this may cost you and your business dearly. Therefore, why not let the experts at your local TaxAssist Accountant look after your tax affairs and responsibilities?

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