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What is a Dormant Company?

I am intending to temporarily stop trading through my limited company and return to employment for personal reasons. I have been told that I can leave my company dormant for this period and return to it at a later date. Could you please explain to me what a dormant company is?

Companies House and    HMRC  both have differing definitions of what they class as a dormant company.

Companies House define a dormant company as a company which has no significant accounting transactions during it accounting period. A significant accounting transaction is one which it should enter in its accounting records. If a company has been dormant since the end of its last accounting period there is no need to submit full accounts. A dormant set of accounts can be submitted which do not have to contain a profit and loss account or a directors report. An annual return does still have to be filed yearly while the company is dormant.

HMRC consider a company to be dormant when they are not active, i.e. they are not trading. If no sales are made by a company HMRC will consider them dormant for tax purposes. A dormant company is not required to make a tax return. This exemption is gained by writing to HMRC informing of the date which the company stopped trading. In return HMRC will issue a final notice to file (if appropriate) and will not issue another notice until they are informed in writing that the company is once again trading.

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