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What happens when the P46 goes?

I have been trying to keep abreast of all the changes being introduced as part of RTI. But I noticed the P46 for starters will go. How will employers now collect the relevant information from their new employees

Under Real Time Information (RTI), employers will send HMRC information about employees' pay when- or before payments are made. This should mean more employees will pay the right amount of tax and National Insurance in the tax year.

Under RTI, when a new employee starts then forms P45 or P46 will no longer be sent to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).  However, the details will still need to be collected, but they will automatically be reported to HMRC online in the weekly or monthly Full Payment Submissions (FPS) submitted via your payroll software.

RTI is being introduced in April 2013 and will mark the biggest change to payroll since the 1940s. If you would like any assistance during the transition into RTI reporting or ongoing assistance, please feel free to get in touch with your local TaxAssist Accountant.

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