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Tax Credits Renewal

Before I fill in my Tax Credits renewal form, do I have to complete my tax return first?

You should complete your renewal form with the figures entered from your tax return for the last tax year, i.e. year ended 5th April 2018. This will ensure your tax credits award is as accurate as possible.

However, if you haven’t completed your accounts and tax return for the most recent tax year, you may submit estimated figures to the Tax Credit Office.

Make sure your estimate is as accurate as possible – if it is too low, the Tax Credit Office may pay you too much and you’ll have to pay it back. If it is too high, you may not receive everything you are entitled to.

You must still include an estimate on the renewal forms and by 31st July 2018 as normal, so you should get these figures over to the Tax Credit Office as quickly as you can. Otherwise, your payments may be halted and you could be asked to repay some of the tax credits you have already received.

Once you have completed your tax return, you can then provide the Tax Credit Office with your actual figures – no later than 31st January 2019.

If you need help completing your accounts or your tax credit renewal forms, please feel free to call your local TaxAssist Accountant on 0800 0523 555.

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