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Payroll for an employee who has died

One of my employees recently passed away after a short illness. I have continued paying him up until his death under the terms of his contract, but I don’t know what I need to do with regard to the payroll now?

When you learn of the death of an employee you should complete a form P45 as normal for any employees who leave, write D in the box at the bottom of the form, and send all four parts of the form to your HM Revenue & Customs office.

Obviously there may be some of the payments due to this employee made after the date of death. In this situation, you should make the payments of the outstanding wages to the personal representative of the deceased employee. Pay As You Earn deductions will need to be made on this, using tax code BR on any payments after you have completed the form P45 as advised above. Also all payments made after the date of death should continue to be detailed on the PAYE working sheet (form P11).

If the payments you are making fall into a later tax year than the one in which your employee died, you should deduct PAYE using the code BR and record details on a new form P11 in the name of the deceased employee. Again these payments should be made to the personal representative of the deceased.

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