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P11Ds not due anymore

I had originally advised HMRC that P11Ds would be due for my employees, but I made a mistake and actually there are no expenses payments or benefits to return. Can I just ignore the P11D(b) I have been sent to complete?

Absolutely not! HMRC will be expect P11Ds and a P11D(b) from you and therefore, if the P11D(b) does not arrive, you will automatically receive a late filing penalty.

You should complete the P11D(b) accordingly- with nil entries and ticking the appropriate box stating ‘No expenses payments or benefits of the type to be returned on forms P11D have been or will be provide’ etc. Then sign and date it and send it to HMRC as you would normally.

Alternatively, you may inform HMRC online that no P11Ds are due- which might be preferable given the proximity of the deadline.

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