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Company stationery

I’ve just set up a company and I am about to get the stationery/ business cards printed and website set up etc. What details do I have to show on them?

Please note, every trading company must display a sign with its registered name at its registered office and any other place it trades from.

You must include your company's registered name in all business correspondence and documentation; whether in hard copy or electronic, including letters, emails, order forms, invoices etc.

As well as the company’s registered name, the company must also display the following on all its business letters, order forms and websites:

  • the part of the United Kingdom in which the company is registered (England and Wales/ Wales/ Scotland/ Northern Ireland);
  • the company's registered number; and
  • the address of the company's registered office;

There are more rules regarding more unusual companies, such as PLCs and investment companies but I assume these do not apply.

You do not have to state the directors' names on business letters but if you do choose to include their names, then all directors must be listed.

As for business cards, Companies House is not prescriptive about what you show, so you can basically put whatever you like!

If you would like some advice regarding how to run your new company, please do not hesitate to contact your local TaxAssist Accountant who would be happy to help.

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