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Companies Registering Similar Names

I understand that the new Companies Act 2006 allows me to register a company name which is the same as another already held in the registrar's index of company names.  Is this correct, please?

The Companies Act 2006 introduced new regulations with regard to registering company names.  From October 2009 companies may, in certain circumstances, register a name which is the same as another that is already in the index of company names. For example, "ABC limited" and "ABC (UK) limited" can both be registered.

This will only be permitted if the new company to be registered forms or is to form part of the same group as the company whose name is already on the index.

Companies wishing to apply for a name under these circumstances will need to send a written consent from the existing company, stating that the new company is to form part of the same group as the one already in existence on the register.

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