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Claiming a tax refund

I left my job at the start of the year and I still haven’t found a new job yet. Am I eligible for a tax refund?  

Based on the information you’ve provided, it is difficult to say with certainty whether you’re entitled to a tax refund. But if you think you've paid too much tax, you can make a tax refund claim from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) if any of the following applies:

  • you've been unemployed for at least four weeks
  • you stopped working because you've retired and you're not getting a pension from your old employer
  • you've returned to studying

You can claim a tax refund by filling in form P50 - Claiming tax back when you have stopped working, which is available online at Send the form to HMRC, together with form P45, Parts 2 and 3 - and keep Part 1A for your own records.

HMRC will send you any tax refund you're entitled to by post. They'll also send you a new form P45, Parts 1A, 2 and 3, if necessary.

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