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Car Scrappage Scheme

During the year I traded in my old car and purchased a new car for my business under the scrappage scheme. How do I deal with this in my accounts and tax return?

When a vehicle is purchased for business use, the cost of the vehicle is treated as capital expenditure and although the cost is not deducted from your trade income, capital allowances acn be claimed which reduce the amount of profits charged to tax. 

When a business has taken advantage of the scrappage scheme, when purchasing a new vehicle, capital allowances are available on the amount actually paid for the car, i.e. the net amount paid after the £2,000 deduction.

The car that has been traded in under the scheme is treated as having been scrapped, so the £2,000 discount is not treated as consideration for the old vehicle.  The £2,000 does not need to be delcared as taxable disposal proceeds for capital allowances purposes.

Where a sole trader or partnership business has taken advantage of the scrappage scheme, adjustments must be made to the capital allowances claims for private use of the vehicle.

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