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Capital Allowances - Integral Features

My company is currently in the process of constucting a new business premises. I am aware that the old industrial building allowances have gradually been phased out. Is there any immediate tax relief we can get on the construction of the building?

It is correct to say that industrial building allowances are being phased out and will be completely withdrawn from April 2011. However expenditure on the provision or replacement of integral features can qualify for capital allowances. The following are assets which are classed as integral features, an electrical system, a cold water system, a space or water heating system, a powered system of ventilation, air cooling or air purification including floors or ceilings in such a system, a lift, an escalator or moving walkway, external solar shading.
Integral features qualify for an annual writing down allowances of 10%. This rate is thought more appropriate as the integral features usually have a longer useful economic life than other plant and machinery. Despite the lower writing down allowance the expenditure can be claimed under the annual investment allowance so the expenditure could be claimed in full, up to the annual investment threshold of £100,000. This may be more advantageous whereby other assets may qualify for the main writing down allowance of 20%.

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