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Report: Engaging with the local community betters profits

Small businesses that engage with the local community are more likely to benefit from a better bottom line, according to new research.

Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) said that UK firms often miss a trick by not getting involved with local projects. Indeed, its research shows 47 per cent of smaller businesses do not.

However, 65 per cent of those questioned said that doing so would increase staff morale (65 per cent), while 70 per cent said that it would make their business more attractive to potential customers.

John Minhinick, president of RIBI, said that a company engaging with the local community is far more attractive to the general public.

"The simple benefit that the research has shown is that the public are more willing to do business with a company that engages with the community," he explained.

"There is also improved staff morale and indeed involving the community can add to staff training."

Meanwhile, figures published by the Federation of Small Businesses revealed earlier this week that small companies make up around 47 per cent of private sector employment.

Posted by Emily Smith

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