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Marketing essential to a small firm's success, says expert

Small businesses are being advised to make sure they put a lot of focus into marketing, or else struggle to make a living.

Marketing expert Stefan Drew said that small firms should look to gather information wherever they can, but not put a lot of time into things that do not work.

Furthermore, he explained that while starting a business is never easy, getting the marketing tone correct is just as difficult - but more important.

And on what he believes is the best platform to use, he added: "They [small business owners] seem to think that marketing means they have got to get an advert out there.

"I rarely advertise in a newspaper or a magazine. I advertise a lot online but never on a newspaper or in a magazine. It is just too expensive."

Research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies, published earlier this week, revealed that the marketing industry is increasingly looking to recruit temporary workers - perhaps to help with the initial development of a small firm's marketing.

Posted by Thomas Fletcher

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