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Half of firms have 'bought illegal software'

Nearly nine out of ten small businesses believe that using illegal software levels them open to liability concerns, according to new research published this week.

BSA, the software alliance, has published its findings of a widespread survey which looked into the buying habits of smaller firms when it comes to software.

And it found 52 per cent have bought or downloaded illegal software, leading 41 per cent to reveal their details were used in identity theft.

Michala Wardell, UK committee chair of BSA, explained: "It's encouraging to see that many of these businesses have taken action to address the error, often at their own expense. But to avoid undue costs and security risks, businesses need to be more vigilant about where they buy their software from in the future."

Around 41 per cent of those questioned said that they had no way of directly contacting the seller after purchasing the software, leaving themselves open to further problems.

Posted by Emily Smith

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